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St. Christopher Parish

25075 Cottonwood Ave.
Moreno Valley, CA 92553


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Parish Office
(951) 924-1968


(951) 571-8347 or Ext.121


Faith Formation Office
(951) 571-8346 or Ext.120


Instagram @sccatholicchurch



St. Christopher Staff


     Fr. Romeo N. Seleccion, MS, EV—Ext. 102

Parochial Vicars
    Fr. Christopher C. Navarro, MS—Ext. 123
    Fr. Juan Sandoval—Ext. 122


    Dcn. Leonardo Bautista—(310) 971-7399
    Dcn. Roberto Jara—(909) 206-9286


Parish Administrative Assistant
    Cecilia Fornelli-Ramsey—956-5498

Parish Secretary
    Rosa Ramos—Ext. 100

Payroll Admin./Acct. Clerk
    Monica Heredia—Ext. 106


Preschool Director
    Eleanor Manucal—571-8347 or Ext. 121

Director of Catechetical Ministry &
Spanish First Communion Coord. (Gr. 1-6)

    Teresita Felix—Ext. 112

Eng. First Communion Coord. (Gr. 1-6)  

    Christine Merriman—Ext. 119

Youth Confirmation Coord. (Gr. 9-12) &
First Communion Coord. (Gr. 7-12)

    Fr. Christopher—Ext. 123
    Madeline Jimenez

RCIA Coord. & Adult Confirmation Coord.
    Luz Mocete—Ext. 114

    Elena Armendariz

    Jose Medrano

    Armando "Jun" Canaria

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