~Weekly Schedule~

Saturday Vigil / Sábado Vigilia

 4:00 PM (English)

 6:00 PM (Espanol)
Sunday Mass / Misa Domincal

 6:30 AM (English)

 8:15 AM (English)

 10:00 AM (Espanol)

 12:00 PM (Espanol)

 2:00 PM (Espanol)

 4:00 PM (English)

 6:00 PM (English) 

Weekday Mass / Misa Diaria

  8:00 AM (Bilingual) Tue-Fri /Ma-Vi
  12:00PM (Espanol) Miercoles y Viernes

Young Adult Mass / Misa de Jovenes Adultos

  4:00 PM (English) - 2nd & 4th Sundays

Filipino Mass: 4:00 PM – 3rd Sunday

Reconciliation / Confesión (Fridays)

  6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Adoration / Adoración (Fridays)

  5:45 PM

Holy Week Schedule

MASS SCHEDULES (HOLY WEEK) Please do not bring your own palms on Palm Sunday. Palms Will be provided by the parish. However, the...
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