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About Us

We, the faithful of Saint Christopher Parish, animated by the GOOD NEWS of Christ and inspired by the Diocesan Vision, are called to grow as a RECONCILING MULTICULTURAL CHURCH. 

Nosotros los fieles de la Parroquia, St. Christopher, animados por la BUENA NUEVA de Cristo e inspirados por la Vision estamos llamados a crecer como una IGLESIA RECONCILIADORA Y MULTICULTURAL.

Our History

Parish Photos scanned from Max Arzu-04.p

St. Christopher parish was founded on October 6, 1957, by its first pastor, Rev. John R. Domas...

Our Vision

We aim to bring all people in Moreno Valley and from all corners of the world closer to their union with Christ and to always welcome our brothers and sisters with an open and loving embrace.

What We Do

We serve God through the body of the church in the many forms of praise, worship, service, and evangelization.

Our Community

Our community is an ever-growing one in which we support and encourage each other to pursue our unique vocations and callings. We are all called to be soldiers of Christ the King.

Capital Campaign

Our parish is currently undergoing preparation for large-scale improvements and expansion. With the support of the San Bernardino Diocese and our beloved parishioners, we hope to see this vision become a reality it the coming years. Take a look at what our Capital Campaign has planned for our parish grounds.

Diocesan Vision

We, the church of San Bernardino, Are a community of believers in Jesus the Christ, called to impact family, neighborhood, and society with the gospel so that people's lives are filled with hope.

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