COVID-19 pandemic has disturbed our parish’s life: parish’s schedules have been changed; programs and activities of Faith Formation and ministries have been stopped; and celebrations have been cancelled and postponed, such as weddings, baptisms, funerals, quinceañeras, and sometimes, even confessions.

And one of the activities of the parish that was affected by COVID-19 pandemic is the ANNUAL FESTIVAL, especially the CAR RAFFLE DRAW. We know very well that many of you are awaiting the RAFFLE DRAW, so, we decided to hold the RAFFLE DRAW on October 4, 2020. So, hold on to your tickets, or if you don’t have any tickets yet, you can still call the parish office and get one, two, three, or one booklet! Remember to please turn in ticket stubs and money into the parish office.

We appreciate your patience and THANK YOU very much for supporting the parish.

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