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30 Day Emergency Directives

*DISCLAIMER: The following is transposed text from a letter sent from the Office of the Vicar General of the Diocese of San Bernardino. As such it may contain typos/errors, for the official letter in PDF format please click here

Both San Bernardino and Riverside Counties have been impacted by the Governor's Regional Closure Directives. While our Counties have been in 'purple' for several weeks, the drastic increase in the number of cases, the reduction in hospital and ICU beds that are 'staffed' by nurses and doctors, can more aptly describe our Counties as being in 'deep purple'. Positivity rates are averaging 9-14% countywide, and in some targeted areas within each County, rates have been reported approaching 18%.

Our parishes, our schools and our administrative offices have all been impacted by the increase in cases -resulting in numerous cases of self-quarantines, direct exposures and test positivity rates. Many of our Diocesan families have been impacted by the virus, as well. We have emphasized the risk of social gathering outside of households and continued practicing of COVID protocols. Yet, cases continue to rise among our Diocesan community. If this continues at this rate, our ability as a Diocese to fulfill our essential and vital ministry as a Church will be seriously hampered.

Therefore, in consultation with Bishop Barnes and Bishop Rojas and our EOC staff, we are directing all parishes to do the following, effective immediately today December 16, 2020 through January 15, 2021.

  1. Close ALL parish offices, allowing bare minimum of critical staff only, to work on-site, and only for tasks that cannot be completed remotely.

  2. Cancel ALL in-person meetings of ANY type and of ANY number (parish staff; clergy/deacons; all parish committees; all training sessions), including meetings of ministry services, ministry programs, etc. The permission for meetings of up to ten {10) persons is rescinded and prohibited until further notice. You should conduct any and all types of meetings by ZOOM or other remote technologies.

  3. Conduct all parish business, ministry coordination remotely communication.

  4. Masses and the sacraments may continue under 'outdoor directives', only.

  5. Live Streamed Masses may continue as done now, with a reminder to limit the maximum numbers in attendance for 'indoor' recording to five or six essential persons.

  6. Holy Communion distribution, according to 'inclement weather' directives, may also continue.

  7. Food pantry distribution, a critical social justice service, is also permitted in accordance with previously distributed COVID 19 guidelines.

  8. Holiday projects such as toy collection and distribution, special donations and fund-raisers may continue, but only if operated outdoors, via drive-thru or drop-off, and only if staff/volunteers follow rigid COVID precautions. (masks; sanitizing; temperature taking; gloves, distancing, etc.)

As a State and as local communities, we are in a very difficult and dangerous health situation. As religious representatives and places of faith/worship, we are essential to the spiritual and overall well being of our local communities. We must continue our ministries and outreach to our people more intensely now than ever before. We cannot close our parishes down even in the face of this very dangerous surge. Therefore, please follow these and all other directives that you will be receiving from our Diocesan offices overseeing priests, deacons, lay employees, and lay volunteers. Our communal survival in these times is critical and needed but will rely on following the directives you will receive this week from our Diocesan offices.

Any specific questions on operations, not addressed above, should be directed to Ann Marie Gallant, at our EOC office: agallant@sbdiocese.org or 909-475-5441.

May Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother watch over your important ministry and service. God bless you as we continue our joyful Advent preparation for the Birth of Our Lord. Thank you for your courageous and faithful service. Please be safe!

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