30 Day Emergency Directives

*DISCLAIMER: The following is transposed text from a letter sent from the Office of the Vicar General of the Diocese of San Bernardino. As such it may contain typos/errors, for the official letter in PDF format please click here


Both San Bernardino and Riverside Counties have been impacted by the Governor's Regional Closure Directives. While our Counties have been in 'purple' for several weeks, the drastic increase in the number of cases, the reduction in hospital and ICU beds that are 'staffed' by nurses and doctors, can more aptly describe our Counties as being in 'deep purple'. Positivity rates are averaging 9-14% countywide, and in some targeted areas within each County, rates have been reported approaching 18%.

Our parishes, our schools and our administrative offices have all been impacted by the increase in cases -resulting in numerous cases of self-quarantines, direct exposures and test positivity rates. Many of our Diocesan families have been impacted by the virus, as well. We have emphasized the risk of social gathering outside of households and continued practicing of COVID protocols. Yet, cases continue to rise a